It’s Here!  In Orlando!

The Swing Literacy Intensive!

Three Hours on Sunday of the Best Information You Will Receive All Year.

Register for the Swing Literacy Intensive at Registration.


Taught by:  Showcase Champions Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe

Cost:  $99

There is a better way…to teach and learn West Coast Swing

The Swing Literacy Development Method is a new paradigm for learning and teaching dance: the SLDM teaches how to build the functional dance skills that precede the steps, regardless of your chosen style.

Dancers: Learn WCS better, faster, easier, deeper by learning how to learn how to dance. Build or renovate your foundation to achieve breakthroughs in progress.

Teachers: Develop and upgrade your methods and programs by enrolling in this comprehensive program of study that prioritizes pedagogy over patterns.

Professional Development: Take a professional approach to teaching by continuing your education and auditing/upgrading your skills and methods.

Further information on the three hour intensive program can be found at Myles’ and Tessa’s website.  Space is limited.  Registration is available online or space permitting, on-site.