What is Mumfurious Movement?

Mumfurious Movement (MfM) is a program designed to help every single person understand why they may not be moving up to their full potential.

If you are in pain of any sort, this can often fix the problem. That will save you countless $$$ at the Chiro, OT or PT offices. Be it atheletics, dance, day to day life or whatever it is that makes you move..MfM can help you move at an OPTIMAL LEVEL.

What’s discussed?    Common movement deficiencies, correct movement and corrective training to help you move better.

How long is the intensive?    It is only 2 hours. With the last hour being for hands on work with the equipment and Q&A’s with Jeff.

What do we wear?    Comfortable clothes. You will be asked at some point to take your shoes off. If you have heels, also bring flat shoes or socks so you can be barefooted.

What to bring?    Pen, paper, water and an open mind. Some of this material will be brand new to most of you. It is a lot to take in at once. So take notes!

Time:  Friday at 5;00 PM and 6:00 PM

Cost:  $25

Jeff Mumford