Floorplay Swing Vacation is proud to offer many unique experiences for our Master dancers (dancers ages 50 and above)!

We have the Mastering the Magic Workshop Series – 3 workshops dedicated just to masters dancers, the Masters Meet and Greet Party, and the Masters Mentorship Program.


Taught by Masters Champion:  Jeanne Degeyter!

Dancing is a Passion, with no retirement age! And in WCS we get promoted to Masters! Whether you have danced since your 20s, or are just getting started, Masters dancers can create magical floor presence by carefully crafting their own skills.

MASTERING BALANCE & MOMENTUM … After 50, understanding core balance strength becomes critical to powerful and intentional connected momentum. Learn the magic of balance through mastered engagement and movement from your dance core.

MASTERING THE MOMENT … Dips and tricks don’t work for everyone, but subtle movement does. Learn to master subtle, but intentional, motions to create musical magic.

MASTERING THE MOVEMENT … The manner in which you move your head, body and arms creates a connection and an invitation within the partnership. Learn to master your movement to add magic to your partnership.


Come socialize with your fellow masters dancers and meet new friends on Fri night at 7 PM in Ballroom D.


with Tommy Gibbs and Renee Lipman
The Masters mentorship program matches newcomer masters dancers and experienced masters competitive dancers over the weekend of Floor Play Swing Vacation. The world of west coast swing can be intimidating and confusing for a newbie masters dancer. The goal is to help answer questions and make the journey of west coast swing dancing and competition a smooth and enjoyable experience. Masters mentors are often community leaders with a wealth of knowledge to share with their mentees. Mentors will improve their ability to guide others and will be giving back to the dance community. Mentees will have someone they can ask questions to and will be provided the opportunity to make friends within their new hobby. The goal is to create conversations, friendships, and opportunities for advancing your dancing and community outreach.
If you are an experienced masters competitive dancer and would like to be a mentor contact Renee Lipman at renee@lipman.net
If you are a newer master and would like to be a mentee, fill out the form on the link below so we can find you the perfect match!