Josh Angel has been dancing since he was 16 or so, with a rather long break to get married and have a daughter. He got over the whole “married” thing, but kept the kid as a souvenir. His day job is a Utility Theft Investigator, which sounds really cool and mysterious, and that’s because IT IS.

Josh has been Hosting and DJing WCS dances in Gainesville FL since around
2009, because he thought that would be easier than driving out of town to
go dancing. He was definitely wrong about it being easier, but the dances
caught on and the Gainesville WCS scene is now “awesome sawce” or whatever
it is the kids say these days.
Besides DJing at various Swing dance conventions in the FL area, he currently Hosts/DJ’s weekly WCS classes taught by a wonderful local instructor, as well as two monthly social dances where he displays his “Skillz That Pay the Billz” … Or at least “Skillz That Pay For an Occasional Bacon Cheeseburger” (which he probably shouldn’t be eating anyway).

He also provides lighting for parties and Weddings, because he REALLY likes
pretty lights, probably due to some kind of head trauma as an infant. Check
out if you would like to see some pretty pictures of his
lighting, or his DJing resume.