This set of guidelines outlines how attendees can contribute to a safe and enjoyable event. It covers appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, as well as options for addressing unacceptable or unsafe actions.

When dancing, it's important to be respectful of others' personal space. If you accidentally bump into someone, apologize, and if you cause harm, apologize and help them if needed. Also try to find a way to prevent it from happening again. This could mean not dancing with that person or seeking assistance from event staff.

It's crucial to respect other dancers' boundaries. Everyone has the right to say "no" or "stop". Even if you see someone doing something with someone else, it doesn't mean they will want to do it with you. If you're unsure of someone's boundaries, ask them. And if they indicate discomfort, stop. Alcohol and other substances can make it challenging to judge boundaries accurately, so be mindful of your limits.

Inviting someone to dance is generally well-received, but it's okay to decline. If you're turned down, respect the decision and find another dance partner. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a dance, let your partner know or stop the dance early. Requests for safety or comfort are not the same as unsolicited feedback on dance skills.

Illegal behavior, such as giving alcohol to minors, is not permitted at the event.

This is a welcoming environment for all, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, and more. Harassment or threats will not be tolerated. If you witness or experience unacceptable behavior, file a incident report immediately. 

Anyone engaging in unacceptable or harassing behavior will be asked to stop immediately. Depending on the severity, consequences may include a warning or immediate removal from the event. The organizers are committed to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Sources: Dance Jam Productions Code of Conduct / Swingesota Workshop Weekend Code of Conduct / Wild Wild Westie Code of Conduct / Countdown Boston Code of Conduct

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