By Champions Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Munroe

Want to look better while you’re dancing?
“Just add styling”, they said. As if it was that easy!
What you need is to train your body HOW to do all that yummy styling.
In this Intensive, we’re going to divide & conquer. For the first 2 hour session, Myles will work in one room exclusively with those who want to work on masculine, powerful, confident and cool movement, while Tessa offers her signature Diva training in a separate room, focusing on feminine, graceful, strong, sexy movement. Both classes will prioritize learning skills and practice drills, not choreography. Gender is irrelevant for this Intensive.
Then, for the final 1 hour session, both classes will join together to put those new skills into practice in WCS.


Session I – Coming Soon

Session II –  Coming Soon

Session III – Coming Soon